Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Congrats Class of 2012!

I put myself in the most ridiculous situations sometimes, I swear. I think it's my tendency to want to please everyone. For example, when my next door neighbor asks me to make her graduation cookies for her graduating kindergartener, instead of just saying yes right off the bat, I may want to take a few things into consideration first: Do I have the right supplies? Or: Do I have anything else planned for that week? Because the thing is...I don't own any graduation cutters. AND I had my Mike Wazowkski pops and a different batch of SEVENTY cake pops (post to come soon!) due the same week. BUT, I said yes. Because that's why I do this stuff. I love making stuff for other people. So, I consider this a learning experience that: 1. With enough preparation, I can TOTALLY handle 3 baking orders/projects in a week and 2. I can freaking MacGyver any cookie shape I want if I don't have the proper cutter. Here's one of my finished subjects:

See that? Can't even tell I didn't have a cookie cutter for it. What I did was print out an image of a grad cap cookie cutter, trace it on an old plastic lid, and cut THAT out...and when I made my cookie dough, I just traced my template with a paring knife. That's right, these babies are HAND. CUT. I used my usual cookie recipe and icing recipe. And I don't know what I did differently with my icing, but my thin icing was the smoothest I've ever been able to get it. No weird color swirling, no weird sinking in, very few bubbles. I'm not complaining but, what the heck??

Here they are, packaged and ready to go. I did them in the elementary school's colors, and tied them with a matching ribbon. My neighbor was thrilled! See? I agreed to do them and I didn't even need a game plan. Learning experience totally paid off. =)

Congrats on graduating kindergarten, Ciara! And congrats Class of 2012!

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  1. Yes you are quite the Macgyver. Adorable cookies!!