Sunday, June 17, 2012

Butterfinger Cake

Alright guys, are you ready for one of the yummiest posts ever? I bet you are. This is hands down the easiest cake I've ever made, and one of the tastiest by far!! My mom found this recipe for Butterfinger Cake on Pinterest (love that site!) and requested that my sister and I make it for her for Mother's Day. My sister and I made a sheet cake with a box of yellow cake mix,, followed the instructions for the rest of the cake on this site, and there you have the most DELICIOUS cake. EVER. I'm not a huge fan of eating cake (I'm more of an ice cream or cookie girl, myself), but I could have eaten this ALL. DAY. LONG. And my mom LOVED it. Like, we could have just given her the cake for Mother's Day and she would've been stoked. My favorite part about this cake was the caramel cake itself. It makes it so easy to make other kinds of candy bar cakes with it. For example, I really want to make the caramel cake with a MILKY WAY topping. Yum, YUM!

Hop on over to the site, and give this cake a try. You will NOT regret it!!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!! =)

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  1. So THIS was the cake you were telling me about. Holy cow, I need it NOW. I have a recent new obsession with Butterfingers--they're freaking AWESOME.