Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buzzy Beeees!!!

Time for another fabulous cake pop post! Like my chick cake pops, I got the idea for these pops from Bakerella. She's a genius, I swear. Here they are...

Buzzy Bees!!
These little guys were a lot more difficult and time consuming than the Easter chicks. Especially with how warm it is with our Sacramento summers, working with the chocolate...not fun. But with some patience (and I MEAN only some- I was getting a bit frustrated), the finished product was rewarding.

I made these for our neighbor across the street for her birthday and for one of the daycare mom's for HER birthday (bake a bunch of pops, mom makes a bunch of chocolate flowers to go with, boom- two birthday birds, one stone). I KNEW I had to make these for the daycare mom for her birthday...every time I send her daughter home with cake pops (for the DAUGHTER, mind you), her mom always eats them! (Sorry Kae). Needless to say she was stoked to receive these. In fact, what did she say when I gave them to her in the morning? "I'll probably eat at least 3 of these ON MY WAY to work."  LOL.

My mom ALSO made a cute birthday card to match the yummy goodness. My mom makes all kinds of cute paper goods, cards, scrapbook pages, and other cute projects. If you haven't checked out her blog A Scrapping Mom's Scraps, check it out!

And finally, HERE are the instructions for the buzzy bee pops!

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