Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Mega Delicious Ginormous MONSTER Lemon Cookies

Well, technically, the recipe calls them "Lemon sugar cookies with lemon buttercream frosting." Well, I mean, it's to the point, but I like my name for them better. Because let me tell you two things about these cookies:

1) As I said in my title, they are delicious. And not just plain ol' delicious, but SUPER MEGA DELICIOUS.

2) These cookies are ginormous MONSTERS. I'm not even exaggerating on this one. You wanna know how many cookies this recipe yields? Twelve. Freakin' twelve. These suckers are HUGE. I think if I made these again, I'd make them slightly smaller. That way I can also get more out of them. I mean, I love me some giant frisbee-sized cookies, but come on. These are like a freakin' small meal apiece. I need limits.

So needless to say, this is part 2 of my lemon-palooza trilogy (If you missed part 1, you can find it here) that my neighbor Jill made possible by bringing over 3 bags of lemons. Uh, what are we going to do with three whole bags of lemons? Damn right, we're making goodies with them. What else? This is a recipe that my dad actually got from a co-worker who brought these to work. My dad raved about them until I agreed to make them. His idea of subtle hinting is printing out the recipe a few days after we got the lemons. Real subtle, dad... =) You can find the recipe here. I have to admit, although the recipe calls for cake flour, I used AP flour and it turned out just fine. I know there's a difference between the two, but... *shrug* I don't own cake flour, and I'm lazy, what can I say.

I just realized that looks like an orange back there. It's a lemon I promise.

All I can say about these are YUM. Just...YUM. Seriously though, these come out super soft, like the cookies you buy at the store (which we LOVE at my house). If you love those and you love lemon, you'll just absolutely DIE when you try these. 

Stay tuned folks! I've got new stuff coming up soon, along with the final part of my lemon-palooza trilogy!! :D 

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  1. Yes! I love lemon cookies any day, better than chocolate!!!