Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's that time of year again...

You know, the time of the year which is second best to Christmas. You know what time that is? No, not Valentine's Day, that's towards the bottom of the list. It's....GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME!! Woo hoo!! In honor of cookie season fast approaching, I made something I've been meaning to make since last cookie season. Serious slacker status over here. I've literally had a box of cookies that I bought last year just hanging out in my freezer waiting to be used for this very purpose. Whoops. Anyway, I finally got around to making these Thin Mint Truffles I found over at Cookin' Cowgirl, here are the instructions. They are SUPER easy.

I mean, come on guys. These have THREE ingredients: Thin Mint cookies, cream cheese, and melting chocolates. If you're a Thin Mint lover, or lover of the chocolate/mint combination like I am (I'd be pretty much addicted to my favorite candy, Junior Mints if I could), this is a MUST TRY. Needless to say, you know what Girl Scout cookies I'll be ordering this year!! Well, I mean, in addition to Samoas. Those are my absolute favorite! How about you? What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

On a small, unrelated side note- today is my 6 year anniversary with my awesome boyfriend, Broc! Time to celebrate with yummy food- here's to 6 wonderful years and many, many more to come! =D


  1. Happy anniversary!! :) I think we're the only ones who don't buy girl scout cookies every year - weird, right?

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! And that is totally weird! I think you guys must be like the only people in the COUNTRY who don't buy GS cookies! I grew up in a very GS-involved household though, so maybe it's just me who's weird. =)