Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!!

I love sprinkles. LOVE them. Do they add anything to the flavor of the treat? Not necessarily. But they ARE super cute, and they add a nice crunch, which I like. So when I found these adorable dinosaur sprinkles, I just couldn't wait to use them. I found the perfect opportunity when one of our daycare kids, Jacob, asked for "pops" (cake pops) for his third birthday.

Gah! Aren't they so cute?? I seriously need to find a giant jar of them so I could use them all the time, they are just too dang cute. To make these I dipped white cake balls in chocolate melting chocolate. This is actually probably one of my favorite combinations so far...not too surprising considering my all-time favorite cake flavor is yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

All the dino pops!

Does anyone else have a major slight sprinkle obsession? Or is it just me? I love stopping in craft stores and grocery stores to see if they have any cute sprinkles I could possibly use...Even if I CAN'T possibly use it, I buy them, you know, "just in case". =)

Happy Birthday Jake!!


  1. where did you find the sprinkles?? those are so super cute!!!

    1. Thanks Vee! I actually got them from a cookie club that sent me sprinkles, a cutter, and recipe card every month. I got a lot of unique sprinkles such as these. However, I did find a few shops online that have them such as this one: