Friday, August 3, 2012

Cookies for the Color Run!!

As some of you know, besides baking, one of my favorite things to do in what little spare time I have is run. This is a fairly new obsession- my family started running last November, my parents started training for a marathon, and my sister and I ran to support them. Before that time, the only way in hell you were getting me to run was if you dangled a cupcake in front of me. Or if I was running for my life (maybe). Now it's totally different. I love to run. Don't get me wrong, running sucks WHILE you're doing it. Feeling like you're gonna die is no picnic. But the feeling afterwards is TOTALLY rewarding.
So this Saturday family is taking part in a 5k called the Color Run! And it's not just your basic 5k, oh no. At every kilometer you run, you're doused in a different color! It looks like so much fun, and we are so excited! If you want more info on The Color Run, check out their website here.

To celebrate this event, my mom and I came up with the idea to make Color Run T-shirt cookies. These were so simple to make and turned out exactly how I wanted them to. I knew I wanted to make plain white T-shirts (cut out with a homemade plastic template) with splatters of color on them. I used my usual cookie and icing recipe, and I learned how to do icing splatters on cookies from this post on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. Here's the shirts with each color splatter addition:

Pretty cool, right? The splatter technique was super simple and the result was fabulous! On a side note, sweet picture, right? A HUGE thank you to my awesome photoshop-savvy boyfriend for making this awesome pic, because I haven't yet mastered the picture-taking side of this blogging thing yet. Anywho...

I must admit, I am utterly tickled with how these turned out! They make me even more excited to get some color on my actual T-shirt tomorrow!! Wish us luck, it's almost time to get colorful!! And afterwards we'll celebrate with more color and cookies!

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