Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Shower cookies

Good news guys! As of today, I am officially done with the Spring semester of school! And you know what that means....SUMMER! Which means....well, actually for me it means jury duty, two summer classes, and work. Huh. Doesn't sound so exciting when you put it THAT way. But it ALSO means that I'll have a LOAD of goodies lined up between now and August, so keep checking back for new posts every three to four days or so!

These cookies I made for someone I don't even know. Actually, I have no idea who received these cookies. My boyfriend's sweet sister asked if I would make some goodies for a bridal shower she was hosting. She had nothing in mind, just cookies with the wedding colors, pink and blue ("Something cute" I believe were her exact words). So if you know me, you know that one of my all time FAVORITE blogs to visit is Bake at 350. Well I've seen quite a few posts over there where Bridget used this 3-tiered cake cookie cutter, and the cookies are always so cute! So why not do some simple cake cookies for this wedding shower? This was the finished product:

Like I said, simple, but appropriate. Especially when you don't know the taste of the recipients.

Just bag 'em up with some matching ribbon, and they're good to go! I've gotta say, these cookies were freakin' miracle cookies. Due to a miscommunication, I had to decorate these bad boys overnight to have them ready on time (luckily they were already baked), but look at them! Need the cookies decorated and ready for the next morning? Challenge accepted.

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