Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lego Dessert Table!

This is it folks. The moment we've all been waiting for. Well actually, it's just the post I'VE been waiting for for a while! This is the big one, one of the things I've done that I'm most proud of. Prepare to have your mind blown.

For my dad's birthday last year, I came up with the idea to do a Lego themed birthday party for him. As I've mentioned before, I inherited my nerdiness from my dad. That being said...we both love Legos. He still has sets in the garage from when he was a kid, I grew up playing with them...and I still have my Harry Potter Lego sets, which I LOVE. Anywho, I knew I wanted to do a nice party with a dessert table after my mom's was such a huge hit a few months before (if you missed the pink and green dessert table I did for my mom's birthday, you can find it here). And I got the idea to do a Lego party after finding these cookies on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. Not only does the post for these cookies have a tutorial, but she even provides a template, folks! It makes the process SO much easier, so get on over there, so you can try these out too!
I used my usual sugar cookie and icing recipes, here are the Lego head cookies in the process:

And here is the finished product. With my leftover scrap dough, I cut out some little rectangles to make some lego bricks to go with my little dudes. And this is just the beginning.

WHOLE. TABLE. FULL of Lego goodies for his party!! Like I said, the cookies were just the beginning! I knew I had to get those Lego candies you see in the candy shops. And of course, after I got the cookie idea, I started browsing the web looking for other party ideas. I found this awesome ice cube the shape of little Lego guys!! PERFECT to use for a candy mold to make some cupcake toppers!!

Here is my cupcake tower! I made Funfetti cupcakes, plain white buttercream frosting, and topped with red, yellow, and blue chocolate Minifigures!

The Lego candies and some of those Airhead sour belts...I was going for a primary color theme.,

One of the coolest parts about the party was the decorations. Dad let us build and put out some of his old Lego sets, such as this one on the dessert table:

And these cars...

The Lego sets really tied the room together. And the kids loved to look at and play with them!

I HAD to get one of my Harry Potter sets out also...And dad didn't object. =)

Here's the Lego Minifig cupcakes up close:

This was one of the best adult birthday parties we've ever thrown! One that I'm sure our guests won't be forgetting any time soon. And it was just SO fitting for my dad.

See? What did I tell you? Mind blown, right? You're welcome.


  1. Where did you get the little chocolate mini-figures? They are way too cute! My brother is a big LEGO collector and he would just die if I made cupcakes like that for his next birthday!

  2. I actually bought a silicone ice cube tray/candy mold and melted some Wilton meltables in them. I've seen people make them where the head and hands are yellow, and the shirt and pants are different colors also...but I didn't have the patience for all that noise. ;)