Monday, April 25, 2011

My Cookies Make Their Professional Debut

Yes, you heard right. I had my first actual order recently. Like, GIANT cookie order, and I got PAID for it. It was such a different experience, and so exciting! So here's the scoop: We have a family friend, Krista, who works for JMS Industries, which is a company that provides portable toilets for special events. Well, they were having a ribbon cutting ceremony, and Krista came to me and asked if I'd make portable toilet cookies as favors for the event! I cut and decorated 75 cookies for the event, the biggest batch I've ever done. It was a lot of work, but I planned it out better than I usually do and made sure to make extra time for them (I didn't have much room for error, it's not like it was just my family eating them), and they turned out pretty cool! I've never seen port-a-potty cookies before (believe me, I tried searching them on the internet)!

Ta-da! Here it is! These were actually a lot of fun to make, regardless of the amount and the pressure of doing them for a professional event. All the hard work paid off though, I'm told the cookies were a HUGE hit! I'm so glad to get such positive feedback from such an unbiased source!

Thank you Krista, for thinking of me and letting me contribute to your event!

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