Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Treats!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!! I'll keep this post short and sweet, because I know you all are spending time with your sweeties right now. I made a couple treats for this Hallmark holiday (If you couldn't tell...I honestly think Valentine's Day is stupid). The first treats were for everyone, and...they weren't exactly what I had planned. Actually, my final product wasn't even Plan B, it was more like Plan C or D. Looks like Plan A is going to have to wait til next year. BUT. I did like how they turned out. I made mini cookies, iced them white, then used my favorite food color spray technique. All I gotta say is...thank god my mom is a scrapbooker and has random heart punches lying around. 

As my mom so kindly pointed out (AFTER I had finished spraying all of my cookies, mind you)...the ones that have the two hearts on them as opposed to three....look like...bras. Oops. What started out as innocent lacy heart cookies turned out to be Rated R  boobie cookies. Look at the red one in the back. I apologize if they offend...Bwahaha!

Next up are my Golden Oreo truffles I made for the daycare kids. Every year my mom throws them a little Valentine's party, where they get special treats and they give each other little Valentine's cards that they picked out themselves. The whole thing is actually really cute. Anyway, these were super simple. Take a box of Golden Oreos, mix with 3/4 brick of cream cheese, add some red food coloring, dip in chocolate and BOOM! Easy Valentine's treats.

That's all for now- told you I'd keep it short and sweet!!

Everybody have a fantastic Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day!! ;)

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