Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lemon-palooza Trilogy Episode III

The time has come, my friends. The end is upon us. For my lemony desserts, that is. This is the final installment of lemon-palooza. I'm not gonna lie, I more or less heaved a sigh of relief when I finished off the lemons with this recipe. I loved every one of these recipes I tried, but man...I could really use some chocolate. Although this last recipe hit the spot because it had another one of my favorite foods: cream cheese. Mmm...I love just about anything with cream cheese. And with that, I bring you: Lemon cream cheese pie!!

I found the recipe here at a site called Midwest Living, and it was the perfect one to finish off the last of my lemons. I tried making my pie shells with butter instead of the shortening that the recipe calls for, but I'm not sure it turned out right. It's been so long since I've made a pie shell from scratch, so as we were eating it, we all asked, "Is this right? Is it SUPPOSED to be sort of...chewy?" Yeah, I think I did something wrong. It was hard to cut into, but then took on a different consistency when we were eating it. Next time I'll try a different pie shell recipe from the one given with the pie recipe.

The recipe makes TWO pies, so you can make one for yourself and share one! I made one for us, and brought the other to Jill, so she could try something made from her lemons (The other lemon goodies didn't last long enough to make it to her house. Heh heh) .

Or, you can just eat both pies. I wouldn't judge you. :)

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