Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alyssa's Spa Mask Cookies

It's occasions like these that make me feel old. Now, I'm not really "old" by society's standards, but when, for example, my cousins' birthdays roll around? Or my baby sister? (She's almost 16...definitely not a baby anymore). I. FEEL. SO. OLD. My cousin Alyssa's birthday is this Friday. She'll be turning nine. NINE. That's almost a whole decade, and it makes me feel ancient! Needless to say, she's now outgrown the days of having character kiddy birthday parties (Boo). However, she is still having a party with her friends this year-- a spa party. So, she asked me to make her some spa mask cookies for her and her friends.

I'm not gonna lie- I straight up traced her party invitation (which were little spa masks my aunt made, complete with ribbons- super cute) onto my cookie template. So I used my usual cookie and icing recipes, courtesy of Bridget at Bake@350. I then drew the colors from her party theme. So I had pink mask cookies with turquoise "relax" on what? They were so...plain. And I didn't have enough turquoise to make accents with it, and I didn't have leftover uncolored icing to use, WHATTHEHECK was I going to do??

Easy Solution. Outline the cookie in the background color, and put some sparkles or sprinkles on it. Sold. So I used some of the [craploads of] white nonpareils I had lying around to make a cute and simple white border around the masks. Almost like they have furry trim or something. What can I say? I'm a sucker for simple solutions.

Perfect for a "relaxing" spa party right? Right? Add a bit of ribbon through the holes (which I made with a straw- my mom's genius idea), and you've got legit spa masks!!

Happy 9th (ohmygad) birthday, Alyssa!!

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