Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sweet Gift!

So, in my absence, Debbi, my neighbor across the street came over to pay my mom a visit. It was just a normal visit, they stood around chatting about, you know, life. But after my mom told her about my interest in baking and decorating, my sweet neighbor ran out my door saying, "I'll be right back"! And right back she came....with about FOUR containers of baking goodies in tow. One of those containers was a Wilton cake decorating kit, FILLED with stuff (several icing colors, bags, tips, etc)! One container had several different colors of EDIBLE GLITTER (something I had yet to try), and the other two were PACKED with cookie cutters. And I'm not talking those cheap plastic cookie cutters you buy in a bucket of 100 from your local Wal Mart. Oh, no. I'm talking about those nice, easy grip ones, sets of Williams Sonoma cutters, and sets of copper cutters. All this stuff was just sitting in her house unused, so it all needed to go to a good home. Well believe me, it will ALL go to use at my house.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all the stuff. There was so much, and it was literally taking over our dining room table, I had to get it put away. But I know you would've been impressed. =)

I could not express my excitement or my gratitude well enough. Well I probably could've, but that would've consisted of me jumping up and down at her door and squealing like a little girl. I wanted to at least TRY to act 20 years old. But it was like Christmas had come early! And I have sooo many more options for my goodies now. What a sweet gift from a sweet lady. Thank you soooo much, Debbi!

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