Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas Trees...

I seriously debated blogging these. These were by far my biggest fail, which is a shame, because I was VERY excited to make them. I made them for a Christmas party we had last month...so what did I do to "save" my fail? Dump a bunch of sanding sugar on them to make them sparkly! There's nothing like distracting with sparkles! My mom finally convinced me to put these on here...only because I think it's healthy to show mistakes, not just successes. What did I learn from my Christmas tree experience? Watch how thin you make your icing...if you make it almost watery, it will take ALL night and the next day to dry and it will have little pock marks all over it. The result? Not pretty.

Regardless, everybody at the party loved them. Good save with the sanding sugar. And good thing I have a mom who talks up all my work. =)

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