Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marbled Birthday Cookies

Last week, my mom asked me to do some spur of the moment cookies for a friend's birthday, and I happily agreed, especially when she suggested I make these cookies. We saw these on a new blog I discovered called Sweetopia, and they were so pretty, I had to try them! They actually were easier than I expected, AND they turned out a lot better than I expected, too!
I learned a few things from making these cookies:
1. Cutting the recipe I usually use doesn't turn out so great. You have to make adjustments otherwise the dough is too dry..Like crumbs-that-won't-stick-together too dry.
2. Adding a bit more corn syrup than called for in my icing recipe made the icing REALLY shiny. Well...more shiny than it's been with my other cookies. I loved the look of these ones.
And Finally,
3. Make extra cookies. You don't know what little fingers are going to find their way into your wet icing...or how many people you know are going to say "where's mine?" when they see your pictures (I only make SO MANY extras, guys, sorry).

All packaged and ready to be delivered!! What do you think?? Not bad for spur of the moment, huh?


  1. Gorgeous cookies sweetie! Thanks for making them for me.

  2. Love them!! They look like valentine love letter stamps!! :)

  3. Where's mine??

    Ok I couldn't resist..but really if ya ever have extras and need my address just let me know hahaha Wonderful work as always! I agree with Wendy, they do remind me of lil love stamps. Now you can start taking orders early for Valentines lol