Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Butterflies

These are my first butterfly cookies. I made them for my best friend Shannon's birthday, since pink and green is one of her favorite color combinations. THESE are what I made the cake to match! What do you think? This was my first time with marbling effect, and I think it turned out OK...not bad for my first time at least.
I also did the same cookies in purple and green for a friend at work (I am TOTALLY down for killing two birds with one stone). For some reason I think the purple ones turned out better...probably because I did the pink ones first, so had enough practice by the time I got to the purple ones? Who knows. I just read somewhere that when decorating, if you wait for the border to dry you'll see it in the finished product, but if you fill the cookie right away, it blends with the border and looks A LOT nicer! Who knew!
Have I mentioned that I can't wait to do some holiday baking?? Because I can't. Be ready, because in the next couple weeks I'll start having Halloween goodies!


  1. Awesome looking cookies Britt!! You did a really great job!

  2. Oooo I love these Brittany!! I have to say that the Purple and Green are my faves though..not that the pink ones are bad, just the others are more of my colors..but I bet both of them are yummy and how sweet of you to make these for your friends!!! Awesome job and I can't wait to see all your holiday baking!!