Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Day!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did (one day in the year to TOTALLY pig out- what's not to love??)! To celebrate this great day, I made some little turkeys!! I had hoped to also make some delicious pumpkin cheesecakes...but that didn't work out (but I am DETERMINED to find an occasion to make one!). To make these, I used my usual cookie recipe, my usual icing recipe, and the marbling technique that I enjoy doing. You may notice the red on my turkey has sunken was like that on all my cookies, and I have NO idea why! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! It was only with the red. Besides that, I think these little dudes turned out pretty darn cute!! Now move over turkeys, it's Christmas time!!


  1. Super cute turkeys Britt. I love the feathers!! Great job!!

  2. oooooo yummy!! That is weird on the red...It's hard for me to say what caused it without first tasting it, so it shall remain a mystery until next Thanksgiving! Cute work on the feathers by the way!!